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Getting Started – PhotographyTV


Getting Started

Welcome to is an online TV network that hosts a variety of series of Photography. Just like a TV network, all episodes (videos) are part of a Series that can be viewed together. To get started, pick the series that most interests you.

Take Better Pictures

This is the series for you if you are a beginner, or you are looking to get some refreshers on the core photography lessons. We focus on building your skills through composition techniques, learning the exposure triangle, editing your photos, and applying the skills through practice.

Travel Photography

In this series, you will follow along as we visit a variety of travel destinations and share with you the amazing photographs that are captured along the way. This is a great series to watch if you are looking to get inspired to hit the road and bring your camera along for great memories.

How to Get That Shot

Have you ever seen a photograph and wondered, “how do they get that shot?”. This series is designed to answer that question, as we show you exactly what goes into a certain type of shot, or a single photograph. We will show you step by step, how to get that shot!

Gear TV

In this series, we review any and all things related to photography gear, from cameras, to lenses, to accessories. Whether you are shopping for something specific, or looking to get ideas of the next piece of gear to put in your bag, we will give you a glimpse into a all types of gear.

Quick Tips

In this series, we will keep the tips quick and simple. There are so many tips and ideas in photography that can help you continue to improve, and many of them are quick, so this series is designed to give you tips that you can consume in less than 120 seconds.

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