Landscape Photography on a Family Vacation to Yellowstone, Grand Tetons, and the Black Hills

Have you ever been on a family vacation and struggled to find time to take the photos that you want?  During this interview, we speak with one of my friends and fellow amateur photographer John Graham about that challenge.  John had an amazing family vacation to Yellowstone, the Grand Tetons, and the Black Hills, but he had a very limited amount of time to take photographs of the beautiful scenery.  Even though he only had a limited amount of time to focus on photography, he captured some terrific images.

During this photography interview, John will share his favorite images along with the story behind the image.  In addition, he will talk about the gear he used, his tips and best practices for taking the images, and he will also give some tips for editing the photos using Adobe Lightroom. (affiliate link).

John’s camera used for these photos – Nikon D600 (affiliate link)

This photo was shot with an 85mm focal length. The key to the composition is the angle of the fence line.
Bison roam the northern part of Yellowstone National Park
This photo was captured as a panoramic shot with multiple images and then stitched together in post processing
The focal point of this photo is the island with the American Flag, but the clouds have a great definition that sets the mood.


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