Why You Should Edit Your Photos

Photo editing is the way that photographers take a good photo and make it great.

During this photo lesson, we will show you why editing your photos is so important.  I highly recommend using Adobe Lightroom as our photo editing software of choice.  

A few simple edits can really change a photo and make it pop.

Think about the role that editing photos has played in social media. Instagram is a great example of this. When Instagram came out and had all the different filters, it really got people excited. They were now able to put a few different filters on the photographs, make them really stand out compared to what they originally caught in the camera.

When you learn how to control the edits and really take that creative initiative on your own, you can have so much fun.

You’ll see the end results of your photographs will improve significantly. That’s the point of today’s photo tutorial.  I want to get you excited about editing your photos and talk about why it’s so important.


We’re going to run through some examples to show you the before and after so you can really see how the editing improved the photographs.


However, when you put the photo editing in place you can really make it stand out by making those adjustments through editing.

Here’s a shot of me and Ethan in the morning. We are fishing off the pier and the sunrise was coming up. You can see after you can crop it and make additional color enhancements, it really makes that photo pop. You can see the before shots typically are relatively dull, they’re just lacking that pop that you’re looking for in the end factor. That’s the big key to editing is being able to take a photo from that before, then by making these editing adjustments the way that you want in terms of creative control, you can see it really stands out.


Hopefully taking you through those before and after shots, you saw some key benefits as to why editing your photos is so important. Probably the most common reason people don’t edit their photos is because it takes time. That’s true, it does take additional time to edit the photos. However, when you are finished, when you put that investment of time in, you end up with such a better result. We’ll talk through ways that you can have an efficient workflow when we start to go into Lightroom and the editing tool that we use. Also, we’ll show you ways you can cut down on the time to make things simpler. The most important thing: have a process in place that you can edit photos because it really is going to make a difference.

I’ll close with a story of a friend of mine from work. He takes a lot of photos. In fact, he loves shooting sports photography and he says he’ll often get a lot of great comments and reviews from his photos. He explained to me that probably the biggest reason he gets most of these positive comments is because he goes in and edits every single photo that he puts out there. Whereas a lot of other people may not edit it and just put it right out there. He feels like his differentiator is the editing that he does on each and every photo. That’s why editing is so important. It does take a little bit more time but the investment of that time really pays off in the end result to get those great shots when you finish the edits. That’s the key to improve your photography. Get in there, start editing the photos. It will make a big difference.

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