Peter Hurley – Master of the Headshot

eter Hurley is the master of the headshot.  He is most famous for the clean white background look of his headshots along with his ability to help his subjects feel natural in front of the camera.  During this interview we discuss a variety of topics with Peter

– How he got started – Peter talks about his transition from modeling to photography and how he lived with his brother for a short period of time to help him get started.

– How he interacts with his subjects – Peter explains that his ability to mis-direct the client from being concerned about the camera to feeling natural is his key strength in headshot photography.  Peter created a new web based app called Hurleyisms to help other photographers do the same.

– What is next for Peter – He is actively building associate photographers for his site, which is designed to help people around the world find a credible headshot photographer.  Peter also talks about how photographers can be a part of the headshot crew.

– Peter critiques my headshot attempt – I made a video about my attempt to emulate the Peter Hurley headshot look with my daughter Hailey.  Peter was gracious enough to have some fun with this and gives me some critique to better improve the photos.

BOOK – Peter Hurley: The Headshot
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Peter Hurley Book - The Headshot

Capturing the Peter Hurley Headshot Look

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