How to make your colors pop in Adobe Lightroom

During this Adobe Lightroom photography tutorial we will show you how to make your colors pop and really stand out with punch.  I received this question from a view on one of our Yosemite videos.  The question was: “How do you get those colors to pop so much! The RED on the REI backpack is just about punching you in the face, I’ve never seen something so red.”  After receiving this question, I thought I would make a video to show exactly how the edit was done to make the colors pop.

We will highlight a couple of specific photo examples to show you the edits that are made to make the colors pop. Every photo is different, so it is important that you learn how each technique affects a photo and apply it as needed to your specific photo to really make the colors pop and stand out.

Lightroom is the premier photo editing software of choice for most serious photographers. If you need to purchase Adobe Lightroom, please use this affiliate link to sign up for Lightroom as that will help support since we are an Affiliate of Adobe and would receive a small commission based on your purchase at no additional charge to you.

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