How to capture and edit this shot of Sol Duc Falls


During this photo lesson, we will show you from start to finish how to capture and edit this photo from Sol Duc Falls at Olympic National Park.

We will show you a few considerations around composition, the capture, and the edits.

– Location and angle of the shot – I explored a few different spots around the falls to find the best angle for the shot.
– Create depth – Even though pictures are only 2 dimensional, I tried to incorporate different elements into the shot that created a sense of depth into the scene
– Rule of Thirds – It is important not to put the main subject right in the middle of the frame, so for this photo, I put the falls in the bottom third of the image.

– Light – Light is the most important element of any photograph, and this picture was no exception.
– Gear – I used my Sony a99 camera, and a Bower 14mm f2.8 manual aperture / manual focus lens
– Settings – Exposure Triangle settings of ISO 50, Shutter Speed of 3.2 seconds (key for the silky smooth waterfall look), and Aperture of f16

– It is important to shoot Raw and edit the photo in Lightroom
– I take you step by step in the video of my editing process and settings for this specific photo

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