Easy way to improve your composition

During this quick tip photography tutorial we will discuss an easy way to improve the composition in your photography.  For those of us that learn visually, watching movies and paying attention to the way they compose the shots in the film, you will pickup a lot of ideas to improve your photo composition.  

Specifically, I was very impressed by the composition techniques used in Star Wars: The Force Awakens.  As you watch this movie, try to pay attention to the types of shots they frame up in the scene.  They do an incredible job of tight head shots, wide angles to establish the setting, using the rule of thirds, and so many other composition techniques.  

You can pay attention to composition techniques used in any movie and you will begin to notice how the director of photography sets up the composition.  As you pay attention to this, you will naturally learn to better compose your photos as you get ideas from the movies you watch.

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