Benjamin Von Wong – 10000 Plastic Bottles and a Mermaid

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uring this interview with epic photographer Benjamin Von Wong we discuss his story about how he quit his job and got into photography.  We also discuss his current project about environmental awareness called 10,000 Plastic Bottles and a Mermaid.  Finally, we hear about how he feels that overcoming obstacles is one of his secret weapons to his photography.

Watch the final video for Von Wong’s project about plastic bottle pollution.

For more info about how you can participate in raising awareness for the issue, see the links below:

Ben Von Wong is giving away a huge 24×36″ signed print of the photo of your choice. See how you can participate:

See the Full Photos:

Sign the Pledge:

Special thanks to Benjamin Von Wong for the interview and permission to use photographs and videos throughout this video. Thanks to Roberto Blake for design of the Thumbnail.

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