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1,000 Goals… – PhotographyTV

1,000 Goals…

I have noticed myself watching numbers related to my website more than I probably should at this point.  The reality is my photography site is brand new, and will take a long time to truly develop into what I believe it can be in the future.  However, that still doesn’t stop me from keeping a close eye on whether or not people are actually tuning in.

I recently passed what I believe is a self-proclaimed milestone (that probably doesn’t mean anything in reality, but it was the first sign of success in my mind.).  My Youtube channel surpassed 1,000 cumulative views.  

1000 views for PhotographyTV Youtube Channel

Yep, not 1,000 subscribers, or even 1,000 views on a single video, but just 1,000 views in total across all videos on the channel.  Now, at this point, I probably only have about 15 videos that are public, so I think it is still a good first achievement.

Having hit that milestone, I thought I would try to keep track of when I hit other milestones in the future, so here are some personal goals / milestones that I hope to achieve related to viewing data.  I just wanted to share them on the blog as a fun way to be able to look back and update this post over time if / when I cross certain milestones.

1,000 goals…
– 1,000 Cumulative views on Youtube (passed on 9/15/16)
– 1,000 views on a single video (TBD)
– 1,000 visitors to (total and per month) (TBD)
– 1,000 subscribers to my Youtube channel (TBD)
– 1,000 subscribers to our E-mail newsletter (TBD)

10,000 goals and 100,000 goals – same metrics as above, but replacing 10,000 and 100,000 as the number.  

I don’t know which goals / numbers indicate some form of success or indication of a viable business, but I thought they would be fun to track and monitor over time.

Cheers to the first of 1,000 goals…

Thanks for tuning in.