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The Small Moments in Life that Change Everything – PhotographyTV

The Small Moments in Life that Change Everything

There are those moments in life that seem so small at the time, but you can trace the biggest changes and events of your life back to them. I think about the time I met Jessie, my wife, in a college class and it took years for that moment to turn into something more, and I think about very small things that happened at work that set the course for future opportunities.

This time, there were 3 moments that I can look at that took me from my daily ritual to pursuing the dream of

Small moment #1 (4/11/16)– The first small moment that started everything for my new adventure in life was an e-mail from my best friend, Brian Seligmann.

The e-mail simply had a link to a motivational blog post. I’ve received hundreds of these types of e-mails over the years, but for some reason this one caught my attention that day. The blog post was summarizing key takeaways from self help books. The points that punched me in the face were right at the top… #1 – Take 100% responsibility for your life and #2 You are allowed to be anything you want.

I’ve always been a dreamer. Aspiring to have a career or work life that is outside of the box, but I’ve always let reality and the safe comfort of employment take over that dream. This blog post was just a subtle jolt at the time to remind me that I can take control of my dream and I can do whatever I set my mind to. Now, I wish I could tell you that blog post immediate sparked action in my mind and I was off to the races, but that wasn’t the case. It just caused me to pause for 5 minutes and think about my dreams becoming a reality and then after those 5 minutes, I had moved on. It took a few more “moments” to really kick things into gear.

Small moment #2 (4/12/16)– The very next day, Brian, sendsanother inspirational e-mail. This one is about how sometimes you need freedom to be created for you. It was a story of a girl that was laid off from her job and that “moment” created the opportunity for her to pursue her dream and she’s never looked back. I have not been laid off, but considering I was reading this blog post after I was momentarily inspired the day before, this one took root a little more on inspiring me further. Instead of being inspired for 5 minutes, this time I told myself to at least think through what it would mean to follow a dream…

The dream – For me, the dream I have been referring to and the one that the two blog posts inspired me to consider is to create an online photography website that I use to share videos on all things photography. This has been a dream because I learned photography from these types of sites and every time I see what their creators are doing, I am inspired and wish I could do that as well. I honestly didn’t know the first thing about how to make this work and pull it off, but it is the dream, so at this point, I’m ready to try to figure it out.

Not so small moment # 3 – Turning the small moments of inspiration into raging / all-in inspiration. The way that I told myself I would look into this dream and consider if it could be a reality was that I would listen to the book by Gary Vaynerchuck called “Crush it”. I had heard about this book before as a great resource for someone that wants to publish videos on Youtube and other social media outlets and how that can ultimately provide an income in the future, so I knew this would be a good book for me to start understanding if this dream was feasible. I enjoy audio books because I have about a 40 minute drive to and from work each day, so I can cover a lot of ground on books during my commute. I was only 5 minutes into my drive and starting this new book and I knew that the author was speaking to me. I mean, every word he said was exactly lining up with my dream and my personal situation. He recognized that we all have dreams, but we all have responsibilities and it isn’t feasible to just drop everything to pursue an ambition like this. He talked about how if you have a full time job and responsibilities to provide for a family, that the only way to pursue this dream in the short term is to keep your full time job and work your face off in the evenings to get started. That was super inspiring because most every other person I hear talk about pursuing these dreams always gives the advice to just not worry about those things and follow your dream. That advice always bothered me because it just doesn’t align with my situation. I am the sole income provider for my family, so I can’t be irresponsible and just chase a dream. Gary, however, in the book “Crush it” was giving me an entirely different pep talk. He wasn’t painting things as rosy and telling me that it will all take care of itself and that it is my destiny. He was hitting me with hard, cold, reality. If I want this, if I really, really want this, I have to be willing to go after it beyond my normal working hours. After a full day’s work for my real job, after playing with the kids in the evening and getting them to bed. Then, the pursuit of the dream can begin. From the hours of 8pm to however late I can keep going. That’s when dreams are made.  Five minutes into this audio book, and I knew I was going all-in on this dream.

It took a few small moments to get the ball rolling, but once it started, now it is in full gear. This post was just to log how it all began. At this point, even I didn’t know what it would actually turn into or exactly what I was chasing, but I knew I needed to start.

I hope you follow me on this journey as I will post continuous updates on what it takes to build this dream from the ground up. It will be months before the full website is up and running, but you can see how it all happens and watch as I make mistakes, learn new lessons, and ultimately chase this dream.

Come along for the ride.

Paul Fontanelli


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