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The Creation of – PhotographyTV

The Creation of

Have you ever seen someone’s blog or videos online and wondered, “What goes into the making of that type of site?”, “How do they make money?”, “Is it easy or hard to create an online site?”

If you are interested in the answers to any of those questions, then get ready to watch it all happen. I personally have been curious about those questions and I’m ready to find out the answers first hand.

I’m in the process of creating from scratch an online website that will host videos on all things photography.

Now that you can see what the vision is for creating videos on all things photography, stay tuned for regular posts on the nightly work that goes into building this site. Yep, nightly work. I will still be working full time since there will obviously be zero income from the site for quite some time, so this site will be built in the late hours after the kids are in bed.

I look forward to the journey and I hope you come along to see this get built from the ground up. I’ll share every step along the way with you as the site gets built, the videos get created, and we try to figure out up from down as it relates to running an online business.

Please subscribe and share with anyone you think would be interested in photography or the creation of an online business. (Let me know if either of these links don’t work – I’m new to this so I’m hoping I don’t have a bad link)

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Thanks in advance for being a part of our journey!

Here we go….